Scribbled in Brooklyn, consciousness gained in Austin—the ANGRY CLOUD populates the poles and walls of the city, DESCND is the result of the work of the ANGRY CLOUD. The creator prefers to cast out the raw, often unpleasant thoughts and feelings out of his even-keeled and rational existence to reach a state of balance and positivity. For its creator, moving to Austin in 2011 awoke a need to bring his work back into the public space. Inspired by the rich music culture, using electric poles and other common places to reach people, he brought his ANGRY CLOUD character out of his sketchbooks and began to populate the city with it. He found these as great places for the public to connect to his work on the daily, and also hoped to inspire people to engage with and take back the public space themselves in an increasingly corporate, glossy cityscape. He started with a rudimentarily drawn character, using recycled cardboard—easily available, but with a life or story of its own already—that he could build from. As he progressed, he discovered other reused materials and explored and refined the ANGRY CLOUD itself, using it to express feeling as well as more concrete emotional, social and poilitical ideas. Working through the ANGRY CLOUD he came to these moments of calm and balance, where angst, fear, and anger seemed momentarily transcended, they seemed to fall out of him, from there the image of DESCND appeared in his brain. The combination of the 2 helped give structure to the continuous cycle and evolution of his work.